Boxwood Hedge

For my birthday my mom sent me 20 small boxwood plants from the nursery just a few blocks away from their house. My lavender hedge never lasted through a Missouri winter but when I decided to shift to boxwood, the prices left me a little shell shocked. This nursery used …

This Old House

Daily Snaps

Definitely one of those weekends were our old house gave us no time to read This Old House.

Installing New Rain Chains

We loved our new porch columns¬†but quickly realized the attached downspouts detracted from the design. I had thought to paint them the …

Porch Column After

Restoring the Porch Columns

We’ve wanted to upgrade the columns on our front porch for a while. Although Jonathan very ably rebuilt the stairs a few …

Rain Chain

Daily Snaps

Spending a rainy afternoon building a rain chain.